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  • A NEW EXPERIENCE: Try out something new with our parkash candle Chime set! Practical, colourful, fun, and long-lasting, this spiritual candle assortment pack is a must-have in every home
  • MULTIPURPOSE ACCESSORIES: Our chime candles can be used as chime holders, pagan altar candles, magic, spells, ceremony, parties, home d�cor, and any other special day in your life.
  • EXTENDED BURNING TIME: These unscented candles are 4-inch tall and ensure up to 2 hours of continuous burn. The set includes 40 candle sticks in 10 colors that allow you to create beautiful decorations.
  • STURDY PACKAGING: Made out of paraffin wax, these rainbow candles are durable and sturdy. To make sure that they will arrive intact on your doorstep, we are carefully packing them in thick cardboard boxes with dividers that help to keep candles hole.
  • TOP QUALITY: Our Parkash candle sticks set have a long and clear burn that is not only more affective, but also safer. Use them for birthday cakes, rituals, and any other fun activity you may want to try out!


₹400.00 Regular Price
₹149.00Sale Price